In 1862, Ferdinand Lasselle criticised the limitations of his government comparing it to a Night Watchman whose functions consist solely in preventing robbery and burglary. The criticism was obviously aimed at the under-reach of government at that time.

In 2022, the Night Watchman concept inevitably takes another meaning. It is the rare few who can say that they haven't recently experienced a significant constraint on their ability to meet in public, where the overreach of government has meant that it is a risk to speak against the standard, where bad ideas are considered dangerous and must not be entertained.

The Night Watchmen has become an ideal. The purpose of this forum is to allow all ideas to be discussed. The only way to truly defeat a bad idea is with reason and open debate. Bad ideas must be tested and allowed to be tested. Bad ideas will sometimes flourish, but it is only through the mistakes of the past that that we are able to learn what good ideas are.

The purpose of Nightwatchmen is to allow free and open debate. Moderation (as we should aim for with government) is the minimum necessary action to prevent utter chaos.